Our Kiddos

Well, I can honestly say we have never been busier than we are right now! I haven’t been updating the blog after every job we do lately because between Chris’ maxed out schedule with seniors and everything else, weddings, and my sessions, it is impossible to keep up! The sad part is, we haven’t really had any “family time”. Finding that balance is certainly on the priority list for sure. Tonight we took a little time out to get some shots of the kiddos. Unfortunately we hardly ever photograph them anymore. It saddens me so much, but you know what they say- the shoemakers kids have no shoes!! Taking out the camera used to be so natural and fun. It’s now a job, so it’s taken on a whole new roll. I look through the lens as an artist and professional, not a mom. The difference is night and day. When the boys were babies, I took SOOOO many snapshots. I mean, every second I was taking a picture. With my daughter, I was starting my career journey right before she was born, so her first year was spent “practicing”. Unfortunately with that, it basically left me with hardly any snapshots, and some poor attempts at “professional” shots! I was getting better towards the end of her first year, though! So here they are! (and obviously my daughter eats the camera right up! The boys are quite a bit less interested in getting photographed!)

Rock on!!!!

One that Chris took!

Ainsley and Daddy!

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