Did you guys meet doing photography?
Perhaps not a very relevant question in regards to our services, but we do get asked this all the time! The answer is no. We dated and got married young and had “regular” jobs (for lack of better words!) It wasn’t until years later that I (Jen) started photography (mostly children’s portraits) while Chris stayed at his long time job. We began doing weddings together and Chris’ natural talent with light and photography quickly became apparent. Then he began photographing high school seniors and soon left his job because our business was quickly growing. The rest is history!

What is your pricing?
If you are interested in our services and would like a full price list (either portrait or wedding), just send us an inquiry via email at info@sawickistudios.com and we’d be happy to provide that for you! For weddings, please be sure to include your date as we need to make sure we are available for your day before we proceed to the next step.

What if I only want a few photos?
What we are is a full service, high quality studio. We spend a good amount of time for sessions, we go to multiple locations (depending on session), and then provide you with the highest quality images to choose from. The session retainers begin at $500. With the exception of businesses/bands needing promo work, we do not offer any other type of service.

Why so expensive?
Professional, quality, custom photography is not for everyone. We are priced in order to continue the elite service we provide to our clients. For example, there are discount stores, department stores, and boutiques. Quality/Custom/Professional Photography is the boutique of photography studios. That being said, our prices are very low for the quality you receive.

I would love to collaborate. Can we work together?
We get approached with this question on a daily basis from aspiring models. This is not what Sawicki Studios is all about. No one on our website are “models”, they are paying clients who just simply want to look amazing. We do this for a living. Who in their right mind does their living for free?! (: See below for more info on modeling!

How do I get into modeling?
Even though Chris is mainly a High School Senior photographer (aside from weddings), Chris has photographed people wanting to have great images for their portfolio (which can be used to show modeling agencies). We don’t know much about the modeling business itself. We do, however, know that you must be very careful with getting into it (lots of scams within) and it is a very competitive market. Contact modeling agencies directly, and make sure they are 100% legit by doing research. Your modeling agency is what will help to get you jobs, not the photographer. Typically, a company will need a model, they find their models through agencies, and then they get a photographer for their specific job. OR a company contacts a photographer with an idea they need done for an ad (for example), and the photographer might find a person who would work with what the company is looking for. We have done this in the past. In both cases, the photographer is getting paid, as they should. Unless the photographer is looking to expand their portfolio because they are just starting out or would like to collaborate on an idea, there is no need for photographers to contact aspiring models.

Here are a few references to get you starting on learning more about modeling:



What kind of camera do you use?
We use a couple of Canon 5D’s and 5D Mark II’s. The Mark II has more megapixels, which many people think makes better images, but when you are very knowledgeable with using a camera and lighting, the camera you use is not what makes a great image. We also use a variety of high quality lenses which is also a very important part of creating high quality images. We do upgrade when new camera’s become available as much as possible though, because we do want to use the very best!

Why don’t you give all of your images on a disc for cheap? A friend of mine got one cheap.
We do offer digital images, but it’s not “cheap” because you are given the license to print these as much as you’d like. I have seen people selling discs for cheap but the images are something that anyone could take. It’s all about what’s important to you!!

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