The Gazette!!!

We (mostly Chris!) were featured in the Schenectady Daily Gazette today! It was a great article and so pleased to be a part of it. Here are a few shots of the paper all over my floor!

They also said that the above image was Kate Costello, but it is not! They just used one of the images Chris had given them, and I guess thought it was Kate!


Though I was very disappointed in the part mentioning Chris “has broken into a lot of spaces that he probably shouldn’t have.” I must reiterate that this is not something he does “a lot” and he does not “break in” as in kicking in doors or climbing through windows as I feel that part of the article portrayed. (she specifically asked, he answered, but not in those words!) He makes sure the areas are safe, and already open and takes a chance. Surely if it was closed off, unsafe or posted no-trespassing, he would not go in. I felt it was important to say this as this is not what Chris is all about. He’s about going to various places, using his amazing lighting skills will studio lighting (that he brings everywhere!) and making any location look AMAZING. Even if to the normal person, it looks much, much less than ideal.

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