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If you are from Amsterdam, chances are you know Mike Garrasi. Even if you aren’t, you probably still know him! He is seriously one of the best DJ’s around. He is incredibly and genuinely nice, full of energy, knows his stuff inside and out and has loads of experience to back it up. He even DJ’ed our wedding almost 10 years ago!! Besides what I already mentioned, he does something else as a DJ that not all DJ’s do- he makes sure to be in contact with all the other professionals throughout the wedding/reception to make sure we all know what’s going on. No one misses out on anything, and things run smoothly and therefore the bride and grooms day (and beyond) is as perfect as it can be. We have seen DJ’s who don’t keep the party going, have awkward pauses in their announcing and with transitions of music, get names wrong, and even ones that don’t make sure the photographers know when the important moments are going to happen and that they are there and ready when the moments happen. You do not want this to happen! Many people forget how important the DJ really is. It truly can make or break your reception. So just like you should never skimp on a photographer because pictures are all you will have left after the day, you should never skimp on the DJ either if you want your reception to be insanely fun and without awkwardness!! Chris did some promo shots for Mike yesterday and they are pretty awesome if I do say so myself (: Below those are some images from weddings we did with him and you can clearly see how pumped up the crowd was! We are never bored at a wedding Mike DJ’s! If you are interested in contacting Mike, here is his Facebook (be sure to like his page!)!/musicmanentertainment



Here is Mike and Chris talking a bit about weddings while at our studio!

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