Anniversary in New York City!

Chris and I had the best weekend ever! If you saw the last post (basically a “Story of Us”), you saw that we celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We began our anniversary “festivities” on Thursday with our photoshoot with the amazing talented Matt Ramos! We will be doing a blog of that session some time soon. Then on Friday, our actual anniversary, we took a train to New York City. The ride there was actually really great and the scenery of the Hudson was beautiful. When we got to and then left Penn Station, we quickly realized how unbelievably humid it was. We may not live in the city, but we are New Yorkers and knew rain was inevitable but it held out for most of the day! We walked to our hotel (we stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel which was about 13 blocks from Penn Station. (FYI, it hurts carrying a big heavy bag that far!) We checked in, got situated and were eager to get moving! We had lunch at Cosi’s which was right across the street. We then grabbed our camera and headed down to Times Square which was only a few blocks from our hotel. Needless to say it was packed but we loved all of the action and stimulation. Chris and I had only been to NYC once or twice when we were younger and it was so much more enjoyable to us now. We could really soak things in and have a great time.


We decided after a suggestion from a friend to go to Discovery Times Square museum (that would be the building with the car coming out of it!) and see the Pompeii exhibit. It was pretty amazing.


After the museum and some walking around, we took a cab down to the financial district to see the World Trade Center area where they are currently under construction building the new WTC called “One World Trade Center”. We walked some more until we came across Battery Park where they now have the mangled sculpture that used to be in front of the WTC. I actually have a picture of the same sculpture from when I visited the WTC before 9/11. I will write a little more about that on the 10th anniversary of that devastating day.


We took a cab back to our hotel to change because it started raining pretty hard before we got to the WTC site and despite having umbrellas (they were terrible umbrellas!) we were wet and wanted to dress up for dinner. We headed back to the financial district where Delmonico’s is located (no camera with us so we didn’t take any pictures of it. ) and had an AMAZING dinner! The restaurant itself is beautiful inside with a perfect ambiance for what I wanted. I originally wanted to eat somewhere on rooftop, but since it was raining, that just wouldn’t have worked!! I had lobster and Chris had Filet Mignon. They were both fantastic but I have to say that the steak (I had a taste) was EXTRAORDINARY!! (By the way, it is NOT the same Delmonico’s as the one in Albany) When dinner was over, we headed back again to the hotel to get in less fancy clothes and planned to go up to the rooftop lounge that was on our hotel. I don’t know if it was due to the rain but they were closed and I was SO disappointed. This was one of the things I looked forward to the most. Chris and I decided to go walk around again and he got some fantastic night time shots of Times Square and the outside of the Radio City Music Hall area. After that, we just started walking in a random direction when I basically said “lets just go back to downtown Manhattan and figure something out”. We caught yet another cab and he actually picked a great spot for us to get out and take pictures at. He was a super cool guy who took us to a few different spots and waited while we did that. Then we saw an ad in the cab TV about the Empire State Observatory being open until 2am (that made us so excited!) and since it was already almost 11pm, we decided it was the PERFECT way to end the night. We got there and went up to the 86th floor and it was so unbelieveably awesome! Being up there at night was truly incredible. Chris took tons of pictures. The rooftop lounge being closed ended up being the best thing ever.


The Empire State Building was fairly close to our hotel so when we were asked by a guy driving a Pedi Cab (or bike cab) if we’d like a ride, we figured hey, might as well try everything!!! It was cool being  in the road but not in a car. Chris got some cool shots on that too. We gave the guy lots of props because not only are NYC streets hard to drive anything on, but this guy and others doing what he does have to bicycle hundreds of pounds around!! When we got to the hotel, we took a picture of him lol.

The next day we went to breakfast at our hotel which was really nice but definitely the most expensive breakfast we’ve ever had! We walked around some more because there are just so many blocks that you can’t even see it all even within a small radius just in one day! We didn’t have our camera and wouldn’t you know, we look over a few feet away from us and see Anderson Cooper talking to a nun while trying to catch a cab! We got back to the hotel and checked out and decided that even though walking 13 blocks with a heavy bag sucked, we loved walking around NYC too much to miss out on one last walk. We got some pizza and then headed over to wait for the train.  Below is Penn Station and then a few shots taken from the train 🙂 In a blink of an eye it was all over, but SO very memorable and we certainly had the time of our lives. We can’t wait to go back with the kids!


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admin - Thank you both so much!! 🙂

Kristin - Your photography has blown me away for a long time now. I am an amateur/hobby photographer, and I am so inspired by your work! I love NYC and you captured it beautifully! SOMEDAY when I get married, I know I will be booking you guys. Happy Anniversary!


Shadab - The Great New York city through your eyes!!! Brilliant shots!!! Loved each and every frames……
This album shouts one word”Fantastic”!!!

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