Our Anniversary Session!

If you saw our last couple of blogs you would know that last week was our anniversary! First we posted a little story of us” then a NYC blog post containing a bunch of images of NYC where we spent our weekend. The day before our actual anniversary, we had a photo session of our own photographed by the amazingly talented Matt Ramos. Since we don’t really have anything fantastic and big from our wedding to hang on our wall since photography has evolved so much, we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to do a sort of  “do-over”! Matt really outdid himself and I had a REALLY hard time choosing what to put on the blog!

We started off the evening getting ready of course. The fantabulous Destiny (Nvious Hair) did my hair and make-up while Matt and his awesome crew took some detail shots.


Then I met Chris at the City Hall because even though he saw me done up, we wanted to do a “first look” with my dress for some excitement! Then after Chris got to turn around to see me, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a box. Obviously it wasn’t a proposal, but it was a beautiful necklace that he bought me for our anniversary!


The said necklace (image taken by me actually!)


And then the session continued… (and I must mention how I love that I can wear 4 inch heels and still be quite a bit shorter than Chris!)





And for fun I did a side-by-side comparison using one of our wedding photos and one from our session. What a HUGE difference a decade makes- physically, mentally and in pretty much every other way possible. (especially the technology!)


Thank you Destiny for the AMAZING hair and make-up and of course Matt for such insanely awesome photographs. We now have a very difficult decision to make on which of these will be canvases! Originally we only wanted one large canvas, but I don’t think I can limit to only that!

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