10 Year Anniversary for 9/11

So if you saw our trio of blog posts a few months ago, you’d know that we celebrated a happy 10 year anniversary (and then spent time in NYC), and now we reflect on a 10 year anniversary of one of the most horrific days America has ever seen. On September 11th, I (Jen) woke up and fed our boys breakfast. Chris was at work (as he always was for years until we started our business) and then got a phone call where I muted my television in order to talk. I saw the World Trade Center on TV on fire but I thought nothing of it. I just thought it was a fire so I left my TV on mute. After I got off the phone, I realized what was happening and I was overcome with all kinds of emotions as I am sure most people were that day. I went to my living room TV and found a VHS tape to put in the VCR and recorded a lot of what was going on. Not sure why that was an automatic response, but I guess I just knew how significant this day would be. (though I failed to realize how obsolete a VHS tape would be) I was hoping Chris would be able to come home early from work- I was so worried of more things happening. Of course, he didn’t get to come home early but at least he wasn’t working nights at the time as he has in the past so he was home by dinner time. I vividly remember how a long time went with nothing but 9/11 stuff on TV on every channel. Chris and I (and the boys) were supposed to fly to his moms house in California on his birthday- just 11 days after so we decided not to go. I regret that decision as we missed out on a trip to California and she no longer lives there, but the fear at that time was so high. I think it was for most people. Sometimes I think I reflect more on this anniversary every year more than I do our wedding. Every year everyone always says “Never forget”. But really, how can you?!

The pictures below are from a trip I took to NYC on July 4th, 1998 to see the fireworks. I went into the World Trade Center that day and even went to the top. When I walked in, I thought (and maybe even said) “omg they bombed this before, what if it happens again while I’m here?”. I had no idea what was going to actually happen just a few years later. It’s hard to this day to fathom it. I certainly will never forget.

Here is an image I took looking up at the WTC:


Some pictures I took from the top of the WTC (that I edited a little bit in photoshop to get better color and contrast. Don’t mind the bad quality, this was taken with a disposable camera many years before we were into photography then scanned):


Pictures of the Sphere sculpture- one of it then and one of it now that we took when we went to NYC on our wedding anniversary:


NY  (20)

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Shirley Lund - Your shots of the Sphere are very nice. The then and now make a great comparison shot.

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