Maternity- on a personal level!

We are excited to finally publicly announce that we are expecting! We have just announced to people we know (and Facebook) only about 5-7 weeks ago. I (Jen) suffered a miscarriage last May, a year to the day in fact, so we haven’t been too verbal about it until recently. We are now 25 weeks along with a baby boy! He is expected to arrive on August 22nd (scheduled delivery). No worries to any of our brides and grooms of this year, Chris will remain as the main photographer as he has the past few years and we will have an assistant who will take my place when I am no longer able to be there. As mentioned in a prior post, I will remain focused on our “behind-the-scenes” work such as album designs. (and much more!)

Since I tend to get HUGE with my pregnancies (our daughter was 9 lbs, .5 oz and 2 weeks early- and not by her choice! I also went full term with our twin boys) I decided that I wanted to do some maternity photos before I couldn’t fit into the camera frame!! So in addition to our announcement that we were so excited to share with you all, here are some of the maternity images that Chris took of me and my growing bump that we also wanted to share!! We did some of me alone, and some with our daughter on a different day.

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Karen - Chris, and Jennifer Congratulations! I am so excited and happy for you! I do remember how heartbreaking your previous loss was you.

admin - Thank you so much, Colleen! (it’s Jen by the way!!) 🙂

Colleen Bills - Kayla,
1st of all Im sorry to hear about the miscarriage last year…BUT congrats on the coming of your son…These pictures that Chris took of you are wonderful..You look AMAZING!!!!!! When I seen you both in the store (Price Chopper)I couldnt wait to see the pic….AWESOME!!!! again Congrats to you family..Colleen

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