My Daughter {Concept}

I decided I really wanted some moody images of my daughter around our studio building with her blanket that she LOVES and my old doll that I loved as a child. Chris and I took and there to implement my visions. The images came out exactly how I wanted!!







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Jana Kunz - I swear I had a doll like that when I was little. These are beautiful!

Kristina Provinsal - I love these Jennifer, the warm tone is lovely and I like your use of texture in those first two.

Carley Mac - she’s beautiful! the 2nd to last image amazes me…and that first one…wow

Published in ELLE!

Chris did a shoot over the summer for Imola Frei, who is an interior architect- industrial and graphic design and sustainability consulting. She is from Budapest and came to New York to become successful. This is what the image in the magazine is supposed to portray. The magazine is in Hungarian so we can’t exactly read it, but at least we have the visuals!!



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Renata - Thats awesome. Im hungarian so its funny when I was reading the cover page I realized that I can actually read it…haha. This is awesome nice job! 🙂

Jana Kunz - Way to go!!!

Carley Mac - wow!!!!! thats amazing! 🙂

Destiny Slover - I just realized that word on her hand doesn’t say “bitchfest” I was thinking to myself …why would that say “bitchfest” how does that fit in with the article and new york DUH…lol CONGRATS!!!

Heather Mosher - Love it!! Your Husbands work is great..and I’m not just saying that because I’m Hungarian..haha! Congrats on the article…it’s very exciting!

brooke fischer - SUPER FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!